It’s Time for a Change: Writing for Head Bob/ Buku’s New EP !

Happy Monday night!

Just wanted to write this post to let everyone know that as of today I am going to be writing for the awesome blog Head Bob. I am going to join my good friend Savannah in a quest to cover every genre, song, EP, album, remix, mix (you get the picture) that the wonderful world of electronic music has to offer.

So please check us out and continue reading my thoughts on all music, if you so choose–I would really appreciate it ūüôā

For a taste, check out my first post on Buku’s EP released today over at Head Bob (and trust me, the coincidence that my first post on A Certain Style was about Buku does not escape me and I LOVE it) !

Thanks friends!


Good To Be Loved (Original Mix)– M-22

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this already but it’s summer. Oh I’ve mentioned it like 5 times? Sorry. I live in a place with seasons¬†now and it’s June and it’s not snowing anymore (May 2015 snow storm, never forget) and I am THRILLED.

And here’s a track that is all about those summer love feelings. M-22 is new to me, but this house track is fresh and beautiful and romantic. Really, everything about this track works for me: the vocals, the lyrics, the progression, and the overall tone are all executed very well. A song that feels complete is always something to be happy about, am i right?

So turn those Tuesday frowns upside down, listen to this track, and if you have someone you love, just go tell them already or again or whatever, just tell them !

Love-Doctor-Chelsea, out. (drops mic)


okay wait. one more thing. here’s a Mix by M-22 that I’ve been jamming to for the past 30 mins or so and it. is. good. and they even included the tracklist. much appreciated!

A MiniMix: 06.12.15

It’s FRIDAY. I think I can safely assume that everyone is just as happy about this fact as I am. Unless you’re one of my few lucky friends who still have a “summer” and so everyday is the same (you know you who are, you lucky bastards)

ANYWAY, to celebrate this work-week Friday and all the craft beer I am about to consume this weekend (BrewGrass 2015, here I come!), I have made a MiniMix featuring all the tunes I just can’t seem to stop listening to.

Catchy was the only prerequisite for this tiny mix, so all sorts of genres pop-up: a¬†little future, a dash of nu-disco, a bit of pop, a couple house tracks thrown in (I did make this playlist, after all) and EVEN a sax cameo. What’s not to love?!

Hope you enjoy and HAPPY WEEKEND!

Playlist of the Week: Caipirinhas&Limes

I crafted this playlist with a very specific image in my mind, as I often do.

Indulge me for a minute and let me paint the picture for you: You’re pretty sure it’s 2am, but you lost track of time awhile ago. You’re on the beach, with friends, and the moon is high up in the sky, really big and bright. You sip your caipirinhas, which you later learn is Brazilian drink (how worldly of you), and feel the balmy night air on your bare arms. And music just like this, a little sultry, groovy, and laid back, plays in the background, mixing in with the sound of the waves.

aka you’re pretty sure no one has ever had such a perfect beach night before in their lives, and you’re probably right.

So if you ever find yourself in a scene like this you better enjoy every second of it and ya know, maybe play this playlist.

But if you want to play this while you’re at home cooking dinner, or while hanging out with friends drinking wine, or any other scenario you could cook up, then by all means go for it.

I think I just really miss the beach–the mountains just aren’t cutting it right now. Sorry, Denver.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

Oh and here’s a¬†caipirinha recipe! yum yum.

Best New Track of the Week: Indian Summer- Jai Wolf

Yes, It’s only Tuesday but here’s a wonderful new track for us to enjoy, yay! Producer¬†Jai Wolf has been on my radar for awhile but Indian Summer is his first release through ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective. The Foreign Family Collective previously released Big Wild’s¬†track¬†Aftergold, another song I fell in love with, and at this point I’m beginning to think I will like just about anything ODESZA thinks I should and I am totally okay with that.

As for the track itself, Indian Summer definitely fits in with the beautiful, airy¬†style¬†associated with ODESZA, but Jai Wolf has¬†spun out a track that reflects his own style. It has all the ingredients of an excellent summer track: very uplifting with a melodic, fun vocal sample and that chipmunk voice we all can’t help but love (admit it–you love it too.) If you don’t feel like twirling around like an idiot after listening to this, then I think you’re crazy. Which is probably fine with you, but whatever. I’ll still be over here, twirling.

Here are a couple other Jai Wolf tracks definitely worth listening to.

Enjoy, friends!

Friday Vibes: Dream (Original Mix)- Autograf

Happy Friday!

It’s summertime and this weekend I am taking it easy. After 3 weeks of non-stop fun (saw live performances by Bondax, Hotel Garuda, and the absolutely godlike Bassnectar), this weekend I have nothing planned other than seeing a movie with my mom. Living the grandma life here and I am stoked about it.

Not to say that this original mix of Autograf’s is “grandma-esque” but it is chill and relaxing, with subtle tropical vibes and lovely vocals. Exactly what the doctor ordered.

So if there’s anyone else channeling there inner elderly person this weekend, here’s a tune for you to listen to as you crank up that humidifier and eat dinner at 4:30pm.

Happy Weekend, friends!